Learn About Me


I honestly don’t know where to start…

There’s a lot going on in anyone’s life, especially mine! Between school, marching band, cross country, track & field, friends, and life in general, it gets pretty hectic. Thankfully, I’ve got the best support system of family and friends. 

I love photography and writing; definitely the main things I want to share on this blog! I search almost every day for new pieces to hang in my room, print off and screen, or go out and capture myself. I tend to document everything I come into contact with, espeically pieces of typography, city light pictures, vintage photos, tutorials for crafts, and sketches. I hope this helps fuel some ideas for traveling, food, artwork, crafts, anything! It’s more important to enjoy and create life than sit back and interpret what others want you to see.

Stick around a little while – you never know what you might find!

xoxo -Danielle


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