Powerful Presentations and Speakers


(Top then left to right)

Between Carol Guzy, Kevin MCCarthy, Malika Bilal, BJ Koubaroulis, Greg Wyshynski, and Steve Klein, there is no way I could choose a favorite speaker. I met all of them today and before I knew it, there were 6 or 7 different views of journalism and the media flying around in my brain! It’s incredible how quickly a person can influence you, let alone an entire group.

I think there’s something to be said for their committment to their industries. Carol Guzy is a four-time Pulitzer Prize winner for her stunning photographs. Kevin McCarthy has been done entertainment reporting for years, even though he is only 28. BJ Koubaroulis and Greg Wyshynski cover sports; Malika Bilal covers social media and global trends. And Steve Klein just reports on anything and teaches at George Mason University. All of these different perspectives made for a very interesting day at the Journalism Conference. I have to say my favorite speaker was probably either Kevin or Carol. Solely based on their work, definitely Carol. She is inspiring and has the best eye for subjects in her photos. But Kevin connected with the younger generation easily and elicited reactions from the crowd with simply giving personal advice and a comical story behind it.

That’s what I’m taking away from this conference. All of their advice about the world and how to be a great journalist, while still maintaining humanity and emotions. With them, I am a more educated citizen and a better individual overall. I love hearing from people in this business and famous people in general! They truly have an impact.

Where’s your role model/inspiration? What made you decide your career path? I’m just getting started!

xoxo -Danielle


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