Review of the Newseum

I have been on a Washington Journalism and Media Conference for the past two days and will be stationed in Fairfax, VA until Friday. Today, we traveled to Washington DC in order to view the Newseum, a collection of news, journalism, and top stories and photo galleries. I loved every moment of it. I’ll show you my favorite exhibits, but also the most well known ones.

First and foremost: the 9/11 Exhibit. This entire gallery captured the essence of that day perfect. Being only in first grade at the time, I have always gone off of stories that my parents elders told. Because of this, when I saw the 9/11 front pages of almost every newspaper imaginable, I was disorientedand almost jarred to the point of dizziness. It is incredibly amazing to see all of the newspaper headlines, part of the plane’s engine that crashed into the second tower, and quotes from people around the world. Around the corner, there was a very powerful video that made almost every person in the audience cry, including myself. The sheer terror that enveloped America that day was devastating and definitely deserved its own quiet, secluded, reverent gallery. The Newseum definitely scored major points with this one.

Second, the Pulitzer Prize Gallery. The award winning collection of photos truly makes an impact on you as soon as you round the corner. The entire room is covered with photos, descriptions, interviews, and artifacts. There is really only one way to really understand the true meaning behind all of the photos – be the one to capture them. And even then, there are still no words to describe situations and heart-breaking scenes. Still, among those are the famous Olympic finish pictures and savior pictures of firemen and rescue teams. The gallery opens an innocent citizen’s eyes to an entire new outlook on life: that we are all witnessing life in its greatest and most horrific form every day, even if disguised as something totally different.

Lastly, there is a lighter, more energetic gallery of photos taken by Neil Leifer. His photos include primarily sport and athletic subject matter, but there are also city, landscapes, and celebrity pictures. The trio from the Olympic Basketball Team of 1992, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan, are captured perfectly. Amongst the others include Secretariat’s famous finish at the Kentucky Derby, Muhammad Ali’s knock-out shots, and Mike Tyson’s drilling stare and boxing gloves. The gallery is captivating and breathtaking; it can always make someone smile, no matter their subject interest. His photos are of those of pure genius.

Galleries I have not mentioned include an FBI exhibit, the interactive webcasting center, the Berlin Wall artifacts, and many many more! Hopefully this makes you want to travel to DC in order to visit this museum. Trust me, it would be well worth the trip! And anyways, there is much more in store the harder you look around!

xoxo -Danielle


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