Fast Friendship Bracelets


Lately I’ve been occupying my time with these friendship bracelets. They’re really easy to make but the best feature is that you can remove them when needed. My sisters and I have made them to match pretty much anything! They’re great to attach to birthday gifts or just make with friends.


  • 1. You will only need to choose three colors of embroidery/friendship thread. Cut two pieces of each color at around 3 feet each. You should have 6 pieces of string total. Keep the like colors together.
  • 2. Loop all of the string together around your ring finger and tie two knots.
  • 3. Tape (or clip) the loop to a sturdy surface. Separate the colors. On the left side you should have one group of each color and you should have one group of each color on the right as well. If you separate them like this in the beginning, it will be easier in the next steps.
  • 4. Take the outside color from the right side (in this case- blue) and cross it over to the left side (on the inside.)
  • 5. Take the outside group/same color from the left and cross it over to the right side (on the inside.)
  • 6. Grab the left group in one hand and the right group in the other and pull outward to tighten the design a little. You will only have to do this step in the beginning, eventually it won’t need tightening. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 over and over again until you get the bracelet as long as it needs to be to go around your wrist. It should go pretty fast.
  • 7. When the bracelet is long enough, tie two or three knots at the end.
  • 8. String a bead onto the end and then tie another knot to keep the bead in place. (I actually tied two knots a the end.) Then cut the extra string off and you are done!

Hope you enjoy these as much as my sisters and I did! xoxo -Danielle



For the Love of Reading!

Due to the overdose of finals, extra projects, math formulas, and scientific rules at the end of the school year, my brain has been craving its favorite pastime – reading. I can’t get my hands on enough books now! Here are some of the books I’ve finished in the past 2 weeks:

Image This novel is an amazing mystery thriller! I’ve come to love the entire Alex Cross series because James Patterson does a fantastic job developing charcters. There’s so much depth to the plot that it is almost impossible to predict the next action sequence and some situations rip at your emotions. He does a perfect job of showcasing the true horror that homicide detectives go through.

 Image One of the most important pieces of literature in history, Atonement is now one of my favorite novels. I was skeptical about how much praise it was actually worthy of, but it’s a fantastic read. The descriptions of war and lifestyle in the 1930’s capture your attention, but the thrilling tale of a writing-inspired young girl, who makes a terrible mistake, holds you until the end of the book. Consequently, the mistake has life-changing effects for many people and the girl lives desiring atonement: which leads her into an exploration of the nature of writing for this end. I recommend this novel for anyone who enjoys old-style literature.

Image While this is not a fiction novel, the brutally honest description of will make you less sure of yourself-and that’s a good thing. In The Invisible Gorilla, there is a wide assortment of stories and counterintuitive scientific findings to reveal an important truth: Our minds don’t work the way we think they do. We think/see ourselves and the world as they really are, but we’re actually missing a whole lot. It’s a great eye-opening read and creates a lot of impact for people who already want to learn about life, the human race, and how the mind works.

Image This is the latest novel I’ve finished and I loved every minute of it. It describes the life and journey of an autistic child, and gives a twist the the meaning of “think clearly”. Christopher, the protagonist, is so incredibly logical that it makes you cry, smile, laugh, and sometime cringe. There is nothing in the novel that made me want to depart from following Christopher’s journey.

If somehow any of these books don’t work for you, try something else! This website is really helpful when trying to find something you might want to read. It bases it’s recommendations off of other books you have already read. –> 

So wait for a lazy day, go grab a book, and lose yourself!

xoxo Danielle