Secret Messages

Secret Messages

I’m all for wit and cleverness, especially if it can make someone smile. This definitely would have made my day and I know it would have made most of my friends happy too!

When it comes to messages, though, I like to make it incredibly obvious that it was meant for them to find. If you are looking for something fun to do, or just want to send someone a message, try this:

1) Find yourself a pack of colorful sticky notes
2) Write your messgae on as many as you would like
3) Stick them wherever your person is meant to find them!

I once did this with a couple of friends to my best friend’s car on her 18th birthday. Her facial expression was priceless and it was something easy and quick to do!

Make someone smile this summer! : )
xoxo -Danielle


Complexities of Me, Myself, and I

“People hold onto life more than anything else; it’s really funny when you think of all the beautiful things there are in the world.” -Romain Gary, La Vie devant soi, 1975

I fully believe that everything can be inspiration. As an observant bystander to life, I notice the small things in life tend to become my major focus. Primarily though, I remember the quotations and scenes from my life. Giving advice, the act of writing, and thought itself need the power of word. It is the main relation between ideas and actuality. Photos, on the other hand, make beauty and truth the interest. Together, they make the greatest view of life. Perspective can change at any time and that’s the wonder of it all. I’m truly captivated by the expression of people in life. Everything in my life tends to have some small shred of happiness in it and I’m setting myself out to capture it all!

With this blog, I hope to take a step back from life. Collect my thoughts, ideas, and memoirs and turn them into something worthwhile to read, to explore, and to embody. I find everything written, spoken, and photographed to hold some form of power in my life. I believe that if you learn one thing from any piece of literature, art, advice, or form of writing then your time was never wasted. My life is a wondrous thing to be a part of. I love every bit of it! This is completely me – all the things that capture my attention and inspire me.

Enjoy the little things in life; they can disappear in the blink of an eye.